Working in specialised workshops

As I am in the middle of my research period, supported the Creative Industries Fund NL, I have already worked in several different workshops/factories. With every professional I work with, I share a great sense of love for material and technique. I am impressed by the presence of the very extensive know-how in the Netherlands – both on high-tec level and on crafts level. Actually the hands-on specialists in new technology work and think much like traditional craftsmen/women.

Much of what I hope to achieve in this period is likely to succeed, if not always in the way I had previewed. I shall be very proud to present my research on Heimtextil Frankfurt and Design à Bord in Paris, both in January 2017.



Preparations for the first flock print trials in the Rietveld Academy. In the background: Nicky den Breejen; textile print specialist.



First trials with 3D-printing in Fablab/EKWC, with assistant Yani Chuang, textile student at the Royal Academy in The Hague.



Embroidery session in the Textile Lab of the Netherlands Textilemuseum with engineer Frank de Wind.


In the front: Adam Blencowe, creator of a new machine for needle felting. In the back: Neeltje Schoenmaker, textile designer and educator.

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