Thermo forming textiles



In this video and the next you can see how heat reactive ink, also known as foam ink or puff, is used to create an unexpected relief effect in certain types of fabrics.

First I print the puff inkt on the back side of the fabric. The fabric needs to be loosely woven, so it is easy to deform it slightly. Fine knitwear would work wonderfully, but is not too much used in interior textiles.




After drying, the foam is activated at around 140 degrees Celsius. As the print expands, it forces the fabric it is printed on to curl. The looser the fabric is, the more extreme the effect. The fabric I used is a very thin silk woven structure.

In the 1990’s, a British designer named Nigel Atkinson was famous for using this technique, especially on changeant velvets.



But much more can be done with it, which I hope to work on in the coming period.