Riso print

In March 2023 I was given the assignment by the Grafische Werkplaats in Den Haag (The Hague, NL) to design and produce a limited edition of their yearly ‘Vriendenprent’ (print for friends) on the riso machines of the workshop. Although not unfamiliar with the technique, I had never designed something for it specifically.

I used photos that I made years ago of peony roses, used an excisting repeat, separated colours and rasterised them in a relatively low resolution. I chose teal for the background and red and metallic gold for the flowers themselves. One of the many charmes of riso print is the fact that the colour layers don’t always exactly fit on top of each other, giving an effect that reminds me a lot of the wax prints made by Dutch company Vlisco. The print is for sale on the webshop of the Grafische Werkplaats.

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