My latest embroidery designs!

It has become a yearly tradition to design and develop a new series of embroidery designs (that are by the way often used as design input by jacquard weaving mills!) I prepare the designs in my studio, and once I have a nice stack, I travel to the TextielLab (part of the Dutch TextielMuseum). There I pick the embroidery yarns – always fun, as I can choose from a lot of colours, but also yarns that are matt, sparkly or space died. Most exciting moment is when the samples come out of the embroidery frame. Every year I learn by observing (not much you can do once the machine has started!) making mental notes that can be useful for the next round. And every year I try to add at least one new technical element, if only to drive the technical guy a bit crazy.

I am specifically happy with the latest series.

Let me know if you want to see them online (sorry, buyers only!)

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