Flock technique innovations


This summer I started focussing sharper on flock print techniques, and wow, there is a world out there! For security reasons, I only worked with viscose fiber so far. This has nothing to do with polyamide fibers being bad for environment. They are just bad for your lungs – but a good mask fixes that.

Now I am mixing viscose and polyamide, different lengths of flock, I am even dying my own colours.



Mixing fibers and then burn out one of the two, creates very interesting relief effects. Also it is possible to print colours inside a flock print – nothing chemical or digital, but in an old fashioned mechanical way.




Great news is, that Nicky den Breejen, working in the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and running the textile print shop there, has offered to share her knowledge (which is immens) with me on this project.

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