Flock printing

Click here for video!

In this video you see me use my handheld flock device.
I use a design I made in Photoshop, and screenprint it onto textile, using a special two-component flock adhesive.
Straight after printing – before the adhesive can start curing – I scatter coloured fibers onto the print. The flock device electrically charges the fibers, causing them to land in the adhesive standing-up. This is what gives a flock print it’s velvety touch…
I use only viscose fibers (length of the fiber 1/1,5 millimeter) as they are harmless to the human respiratory system. And when I do an occasional production run, I use a dust mask.


P1070847 uitsnede


Detail of the design.

P1070837 lite

Mixing fibres of different – even opposing – colours can create a very rich effect.

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