Combining digital print with burn-out chemicals


As digital (or: inkjet) printing is becoming more and more affordable, I like to look for ways to make the digitally printed fabrics more special. Here is a design of mine, of which I had a few meters digitally printed on cotton.



Cotton needs to be steamed and washed after having it digitally printed. So before I add the final layer of burn-out chemical, I have to check if the design I made for the burn-out layer on my silkscreen still fits with the inkjet print.



Burning out cotton, or other cellulose fibers, is not as sensational as it may sound. I print a solution with a special salt. After drying, the print is being heated up to a 140 degrees Celsius. The salt and the heat make the cellulose fibres fall apart.



The pulverised cellulose is washed out and the fabric is dried and ironed or calandered.



And in January 2013, the fabric was on show in the prestigious Trend Forum of the biggest textile fair worldwide, Heimtextil Frankfurt, in a boudoir-like setting.

Images: Jasmijn Wester

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