Eugène van Veldhoven on Stonefree.Design!

Half a year ago I created an online portfolio on my own website, where clients can take a look at all my relevant designs. As of now, my work can also be viewed and purchased through Stonefree.Design. There are (at least) two things very interesting about Stonefree; they are the only online platform for studios like me that design interior fabrics and wallcovering, plus they are building a network of agents in different areas of the world. so far, for the USA that is Winnie Parnes, for Europe it’s Luca Peroni, Max Lambertini (the two founders), Rick Dowson and Stephan Thierry, and for South Korea Seonmin Lee.

You are welcome as always to browse my portfolio here (click here if you would like to receive an access code), but if you prefer to work with one of the agents mentioned above, please contact Stonefree through this link. I am looking forward to work with them!!

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